Essentials Of Equestrian Dress

Equestrian clothes are an important part of the riding experience for horse riders. These not only offer superior looks but can also help you to avoid injuries during the time you are riding your horse. Equestrian clothing is unique in its own way and boasts of a regal touch when it comes to the colors, fabric, texture and design of the clothes.

The following are some clothing and accessories that are considered to be of high importance in this clothing.

Riding helmet: Safety should always be the number one priority of the rider. This is why having a firm and comfortable riding helmet is essential. They are lightweight and are available in various colors so that you can choose them according to your preferences. Make sure that the helmet you buy is certified from the concerned authorities.

Gloves: Riding gloves are also an important part of an equestrian dress up and offers great look to the rider. It is important to ensure that the gloves you buy are tight fitting and are made of good quality fiber or leather. They allow you to get a good grip on and will even save you from cuts and scratches in case of fall.

The blind dressage rider competing against sighted people

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Rider’s boots: Preferably,there are 2 main designs of these boots, longs and short boots. Most of the people prefer the use of long boots as they provide great support and covers most of the area of your legs that can get injured. While buying these boots, ensure that the heel is short and the soles are smooth so that it doesn’t get stuck or cause other issues while you are riding.