Best Yoga Poses For Beginners

Nothing is better than yoga to get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, and also for weight loss. People in Twickenham consider yoga a natural and better way to heal due to its healing benefits which boost your mental and physical health. You don’t need to spend money to do yoga, simple yoga exercises can be easily done at home. You can also go for beginners yoga classes in Twickenham for expert yoga tuitions. For being healthy and well, you should also have a healthy mind and yoga is the best way to give peace to your mind.

Here are some yoga poses for beginners which will help in boosting your health.


This asana will help in regulating your blood circulation in the pelvic area. It also improves your digestion. As most of the health problems start with an unhealthy stomach, this yoga pose will boost your digestion for a healthy stomach and healthy life. In this asana, you have to sit down with your legs folded behind. If you are a beginner do this asana for about two minutes. Do this yoga daily and you will see a magical change in body and digestion.


A bad body structure or posture ruins your entire look and is also bad for your spine. This yoga pose will stretch your muscles and will also improve your body posture. To do this asana, lay down on your back with the knees bend and resting your feet on the ground and inhale with lifting your pelvis slightly up to the ground. Your hands should be below your bottom. Hold this pose for 15 seconds for beginners and 30 minutes for expert.