Things You Need To Know About Golf Gear Before Buying

Golf is a game that is most played in UK. If you are also into the game and willing to start playing it, you will first need to get the essential gear. You can get to know about the golf gear in UK online and get all the essential items. Some of the basic ones are given below.

A set of clubs

This is the first thing you need to buy. But if you are a beginner, you don’t require spending more on clubs. You can manage with a set of woods, irons, a putter, two wedges, and a weighted driver. Ensure that your driver is best because the whole game is totally dependent on it. You will need a golf bag to carry all the gears.

Golf Tees

The tee is available in different lengths. You need to get an idea which tee is perfect according to your height. If you have no idea, you can prefer buying longer tees because it allows you to push it into the course.

Golf balls

You need to buy several golf balls. It is a normal thing as you lose a number of balls while playing.So, you should invest in affordable balls.

Golf shoes

It is an essential thing in golf gear. To find the ball, you need to cover long distances. So, the shoe should be such that provides support and comfort to walk around the course.

Golf Gloves

It is the most important gear as it provides the best grip. It helps to perfectly hit the ball. A bad grip can result in a bad shot. You should also purchase good quality gloves to protect your hand.